A Proven Health Education Solution

to Support Your Students

Let's Transform Health Education @ Your School

What Our School Partners Appreciate Most...

Physician-designed + Science-based + Grade-appropriate 

Created by nationally recognized health education experts

Easy to use on-demand video fits any classroom requirement 

“Bite-size” video-based learning improves comprehension 

Built-in facilitator guides + group exercises + take-home activities

At-home support fuels parent-child engagement & communication

"Our network of schools selected this program because our staff and the kids trust the doctors. We love the honesty in the language and how fun the videos are. The kids learned so much about their bodies during the puberty class and saw lots of empathy and understanding after. This program is a powerful tool!"

Lindsay Morris

Director of Student Transitions

Meeting Street Schools

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Our Curriculum At-A-Glance

Each on-demand class comes equipped with a facilitator guide + in-class and at-home activities to make learning effective and easy


A comprehensive 10-part girl's puberty program ideal for 4th and 5th grade


Our "Just the Facts" 9-part boy's puberty program ideal for 4th and 5th grade

Science of Reproduction®

Age-appropriate health education ideal for 5th or 6th-grade mixed-gender groups

More Essential Classes

Our programs cover every key topic from media literacy, body image, anxiety, to consent!

A Sample Learning Path.We'll help you create a custom learning path that is best for your school.

4th Grade

  • Girlology & Guyology Puberty Classes  

5th Grade

  • The Science of Reproduction

6th Grade

  • Be YOU (Body + Emotional Wellness)

Why it Works?

Parent Trusted

Our grade-level parent portal welcome videos inform parents on what kids are learning & why-- fostering better conversations at home

Easy On You

While your physician hosts do much of the talking, you'll be ready for any question with our teacher-tested facilitator guides

Just Press Play

Educators have enough on their plates, so we designed an on-demand solution any school can implement in a few hours NOT months

Eliminate The Awkward

We make difficult conversations fun and easy, since 2003 we've provided puberty & Sex Ed to over 100,000 families

Take A Sneak Peek

with Dr. TRISH & Dr. MELISA

  • Nationally renowned doctors and authors.

  • Creators of the leading puberty education program and book.

  • Used by Harvard and top health systems around the country.

  • Known for their refreshing approach that puts every student at ease.

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